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SBI Gold International Debit Card

  • SBI Gold International Debit Card is SBI South Africa’s ATM-cum-Debit Card which can be used for withdrawal of Cash from ATM of any bank in South Africa upto ZAR 4,000 per day. At present, the service fee for cash withdrawal is ZAR 10 (VAT extra) per transaction.
  • The Card can be used on Point of Sale (POS) terminal upto ZAR 10,000 per day. There is no service fee for use of Card on POS terminal.
  • The Card presently is not enabled for use outside of South Africa for cash withdrawal from ATM or transactions on POS terminal.
  • The Card is now enabled for purchase transactions over internet or for online shopping.
  • The Card has defined validity period. Get a new card before its expiry from your nearest branch. Please note that if Card has expired, it may get swallowed by ATM machine or rejected at POS terminal if it is used for transaction.
  • An additional Add-on Card is provided for use by dependent family members/ spouse of the customer on payment of nominal fee.

Please click on Service fee for usage of ATM-cum-Debit Card for cash withdrawal through ATM and merchant transactions on POS terminal.

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