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Transactional Service

 Cash/Cheque deposit

SBI SA maintains account with ABSA Bank. Customers of SBI SA can deposit cash (ZAR) into their SBI accounts through the ABSA account number 01068290801 (Branch code 632005). In the reference field of the deposit slip, please always state your SBI SA account number starting with 326... 

Cash can also be deposited at any ABSA ATM. Please remember, quoting your account number in the ‘Reference’ field is a must. 

The cash is reflected in the customer’s account the next banking day. If not, please contact SBI SA with original proof of deposit.

Cash withdrawals

Cash upto Rand 4000 per day can be drawn at any ATM using the SBI International Debit Card just for a nominal fee.

For higher amount cash withdrawals, SBI SA issue cheques from Johannesburg office which can be encashed at any ABSA Bank branches. 

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Channel

  • EFT credits happen with one day time lag
  • Quote our Bank code: 801000
  • Drop 326 from the beneficiary account number with SBI
  • (Example : if SBI A/c is 32614210210101, please quote only 14210210101)
  • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) Channel 

RTGS credits happen on real time basis.

  • Quote SBI SWIFT code: SBINZAJJ as the beneficiary bank.
  • Quote beneficiary’s State Bank of India account number in full. (Example: 32614210210101)




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