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Term Deposit Accounts

Term Deposit is a basic time deposit scheme in which customers can deposit funds for specified maturity periods and earn higher rate of interest.


  • Minimum Amount : ZAR 10,000. Maximum: no limit
  • Term varies from 1 month to 60 months
  • Choose your maturity date and invest
  • Earn fixed interest rate for entire term of the deposit
  • For senior citizens i.e. of age 65 years or older extra 0.25% p.a. interest  for deposits of 24 months and above
  • No monthly transactional fees
  • Interest is paid monthly/ quarterly/ half-yearly or on maturity
  • Early withdrawal of funds is not allowed except under extreme circumstances as a matter of discretion but with  penalty.
  • Account can be opened online using internet banking facility
  • Funds on maturity will be handled as per customer’s instructions.
  • Automatic renewal facility on due date – Term Deposit is renewed for the same period as per original contract, however the rate of interest will be the rate prevailing on the date of such renewal.
  • For emergency needs, the depositor can avail easy loans (Loan up to 90% is given with small interest spread)

Interest Rates

Interest on Term Deposit Account is paid at monthly/ quarterly/ half-yearly intervals or on maturity at simple rate of interest. Please click on Interest rates for detail of interest rates in Term Deposit Account.

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