South AfricaConversion Rates

Conversion Rates

Sr. No.Currencies ConvertedRates (Buy)Rates (Sell)Date 
1ZAR - INR4.5700.00014/06/2019 Valid up to
13:00 hrs RSA time
2USD - ZAR14.62015.12014/06/2019
3GBP - ZAR18.62019.02014/06/2019
4Euro - ZAR16.55016.95014/06/2019
5USD - INR68.8700.00014/06/2019

“These rates may be revised during the day based on market conditions”

* For remittances, commission, VAT & transmission charges would be charged extra.  

  1. The rates are changed normally at  08.30 hrs. RSA standard time on all working days. ZAR-INR rate are valid upto 13.00 hrs RSA time .
  2. Remittance requests(BOP form) received through email up to 13.00hrs are included in the same day’s rate.
  3. Remittance requests(BOP form) received through email after 13.00 hrs shall be processed at next working days’ rate.
  4. Use our Online INR remittance facility for quick remittance.
  5. Requests submitted through Online INR remittance facility after 13.00 hrs will have different exchange rate.
  6. In case of remittance to India, ordinarily, credit is afforded with a lag of one working day from the date of debit to the account in case of SBI account and two working days in case of accounts maintained with other banks other than SBI.
  7. As per the exchange control directives, the email ID, phone / cell number, and physical address appearing in BOP form should tally with the same as in the Bank’s record failing which the remittance request shall not be entertained.
  8. The service charges for remittance are subject to change and are available in 'Bank's Service Charges' under Downloads / Links.


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