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Dear Valued Internet Banking Customers, Pls use www.onlinesbiglobal.com, choose South Africa We would like to inform that banks internet banking service will only be available on www.onlinesbiglobal.com We thank you for your understanding. Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.

In the new internet banking facility concept of transaction password has been introduced. This transaction password will be in addition to your login/sign in password.

Please note that there are Two kind of password in the new internet banking
Login/Sign in : To login to internet banking website.
Transaction Password: For making any transactions.
System will ask to create new transaction password for first time login.

Please find below key changes introduced in the new system:
a) The option to reset the password is available online ( forget password). Users can reset password using OTP.
b) For Corporate customers User ID will be corporateID.userId ( For example if the corporate id is 326200123 and user name is Subodh the user id will be 326200123.Subodh). For Retail customer their old UserId will continue.
c) Login password henceforth known as sign on password will remain same as the old password.
d) For the first time login to new Internet Banking system it will prompt to reset ( create ) a new password called Transaction password.Please give your input as
Old password : Old Login password
Transaction Password : New Transaction password
Confirm Transaction Password : New Transaction password Then continue.
This will reset the new transaction password but the login password ( sign on password ) will remain the same.
e) There is an additional option ( a drop down) near Welcome Mr XYZ… where we can select security setting to reset the either sign on password or transaction password or both. Welcome Mr. XXXXXX > .
f) To change any password , sign on or transaction ( after first time login and resetting the transaction password ) we have to provide the current transaction password for approval. For example if we want to change sign on password we have to provide transaction password.
g) We can set beneficiary limit and network ( EFT, RTGS, SWIFT , Within SBI-RSA) for any beneficiary to minimise the risk of wrong /excess payment .
h) There is an option of maximum permissible amount per transaction (to minimise risk due to financial fraud).
i) To avoid delay of payment due to OTP we can set a threshold limit . Any transaction can be made without OTP ( only after approval by transaction password) up to that limit.
j) We can download statement from Account Summary-> Account Number -> search Transaction Option.


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