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Fica Requirements for KYC to be updated at the bank, see below :-
Dear Client,
As part of our FICA obligations, we are required to ensure that we have, at all times your updated KYC (Know-Your-Client) details on record. If you would like to update your details with us, please ensure that you complete, in full, our Personal Particular Update Form and provide the following supporting documents:

For updating of your Visa:
  • Your Passport
  • Your Visa
  • For updating your income details:
  • Your Passport/Identity Document
  • A copy of your latest payslip

  • For updating your residential address:
  • Your Passport/Identity Document
  • Utility bill / rates and taxes.
  • Statement from Telkom or any other fixed line provider.
  • Bank statement (other than from State Bank of India).
  • Tax invoice.
  • Retail credit accounts (including cell phone accounts).
  • Unit trust statements.
  • Letter from the employer where you are housed on employer premises
  • National, provincial or local government document (including traffic fines).
  • Lease agreement or rental agreement, a declaration from someone who shares your residential address. The declaration should confirm:

    The name, date of birth, ID number, SA residential address of yourself and this person; the relationship between yourself and this person; the fact that the residential address is shared. The declaration should be accompanied by address verification documents of the person making the declaration.

  • Any other document the Bank may deem acceptable

  • We will be unable to assist you with the update without the correct supporting documents.


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