Internet Banking FAQ's

Internet Banking FAQ's

You can perform the following transactions online:
  • Account inquiry.
  • Transaction history.
  • Fund transfer within SBI.
  • Fund transfer to any other bank in South Africa.
  • Placing fixed deposit request offline.
  • Placing Forex request offline.
  • Placing fixed deposit renewal request offline.

Benefits of using SBI internet banking includes the following:

  • Access your accounts 24hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Manage your everyday banking. View your current balances and transactions history online.
  • Global access.
  • Simple to use.

Download the registration form, complete the form and submit it at your branch. Your registration formalities are complete, after your details are verified and authenticated by the branch. You can also register for the internet banking services with any of our branches.

SBI will charge R 10.00 per month for transactions rights on internet banking . Other bank transfer (EFT) will cost you R 5.00 per transaction.

The fund transfer option lets you transfer money between yourself / linked SBI accounts at any time. You can also transfer money to any third party account with SBI or any bank in South Africa. You have the choice of three options: you can make a fund transfer now, enter a date when you want your fund transfer to be made or set it up as a regularly recurring payment.

For changing your address and mobile phone number you have to contact the branch on one of the addresses mentioned thereat. You can update your email ID (for non financial transactions) and contact telephone number only by visiting the Branch.

Yes, you can avail of the facility till such time your work permit is valid . After the expiry of work permit your status will change to NON RESIDENT and all transactions will be stopped on your account.

Ensure that your computer is connected to the internet “rather than” ensure that your LAN/ISP connected to internet.

Once you register for the internet banking services with us, SBI will hand over you a login ID and Password. Your internet banking will be activated after 48 hours of your receiving your login ID. Download the Registration form

You are allowed to change your user ID only once. For changing the user ID, login with the user ID and password provided and select change user ID. Follow the instructions given. You can change your password by selecting change password under my profile.

If you have forgotten your USER ID and/or password, please contact the nearest branch for reissue of new USER ID and/or password as per the location mentioned thereat. You will be contacted to come and collect the USER ID and/or password from the branch where you submitted your request.

Pleases change your password immediately and inform us at 0027 11 7784500 or mail at or

Security measures implemented by SBI include:

  • SBI internet site users highly secure 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • Login ID, password and 2 factor authentication.
  • Automatic logout feature if session remains inactive for 10 minutes.

SBI never transmits your password unencrypted. Your password is encrypted before transmissions using Java applet and 128-Bit SSL encryption. SBI uses HSM to ensure high security in internet banking.

Since your mobile phone number registered with the bank is used to send out OTPs(One time Passwords) to you for doing transactions Online, please immediately inform the bank to remove transaction rights on your Online account and also take up the matter with your Cell phone service provider to obviate fraud on your account.

2FA is second Factor Authentication in the form of SMS OTP that you will receive on the mobile number registered with SBI for doing transactions on internet banking . All SBI internet banking users are required to input a one time password login. All SBI banking users are required to provide their user ID and PIN combination and a one time password (OTP). This process of authentication is to validate the claimed identity of the customer by verifying what the customer knows and what the customer has on his mobile phone.

computer with the following minimum configuration:
500 MHz processor,
64 MB RAM ,
internet connection
OS: windows98, Win NT, win 2000, win- XP, Vista
Anti virus software,
Browser Netscape,
internet explorer,
Sun Java component.

The slow response can be on account of the following:

  • Not using recommended settings(operating system, hardware and browser)
  • your LAN, ISP or our system operating slowly.

Internet explorer:

  • go to “tools”
  • go to “internet explorer”
  • select “general”
  • click on “delete files” at temporary internet files”

Yes you can transfer your funds to your other operative accounts with SBI.

Yes you can transfer funds to third party accounts with SBI.

Yes you can transfer funds to your account with other banks within South Africa.

Yes you can transfer funds to your accounts with other banks within South Africa.

You can transfer up to a maximum preset daily limit of ZAR 4000. You can reduce this limit anytime using change limit functionally. To set a higher transfer limit ( upto ZAR 10,000) please submit the Service Request form at one of the locations mentioned on the form.

For self / linked accounts, select option Transfer, self account transfer. For all 3rd party transfers select Add Beneficiary and add the payee by following the instructions given. Next select Local Payments- within the bank or other bank and follow the online instructions.

Within 2-3 business day depending upon the time when you submitted your request and the local holidays / offs.

Yes a future date of up to one year can be assigned for 3rd party fund transfers.

Yes for saved transfers select Transfer, saved transfer and delete. For pending transfers select fund transfer, pending transfer and stop transfer.

Please visit our nearest branch and provide the full transaction details to enable us to retrieve the funds transferred to the wrong account. Please note that we might not be able to recover mis-transferred money.